Top 5 Reasons Why Choose To Use Proxy Servers

Probably not everyone has a good understanding of what the proxy servers are for. Proxy servers are not used to stay secure when opening a WIFI network, or neither is it used to unblock a Netflix content when you are from other countries. Proxy servers do more than just that! In fact, proxy servers like proxybay are very important for businesses.

To give you a better understanding of how a proxy server works, here are some of the most important reasons to use proxies that every business should know about:

  • Faster Speeds. With proxy servers, they can be used to increase the speed and help you save on bandwidth by compressing the network traffic, caching files, and also the web pages that are accessed by different users. They can also strip ads from websites that are being accessed. Because of this, it can free up bandwidth on high traffic networks to let your team access the internet quickly.
  • Control Employee’s Internet Usage. All companies want to ensure that their employees are not abusing their company networks by accessing unsecured and inappropriate websites. This is the reason why plenty of internal networks are running on a proxy server. When internet is accessed, the network administrators would be able to control the devices that will only have access to the network.


  • Balance Traffic To Avoid Server From Crashing. When it comes to a company website, the customer should be able to have access to seamlessly. They should be able to access it when they need it. When you use proxy servers, peering, and cloud data storage, this can improve customer experience by making sure that these problems do not happen.
  • Improve Security. Hackers are everywhere and a data breach can you a lot of money and can even affect your public image. When you use a proxy server, it reduces any chances of a breach. They add security between your servers and the outside traffic. Proxy servers can face the internet and also relay requests from computers outside the network that’s why they can act as a buffer. Hackers would still be able to access your proxy but will have problems reaching the server that is running the web software where they would be able to find your data.
  • Perform Tasks Anonymously. Proxies are best known for being anonymous is the web traffic. However, many people do not realize how important this capability is when it comes to businesses. You can protect your current research and development, as well as other company activities with proxies. Any sensitive tasks can be completed over the internet in a more secure manner when it is first anonymized when you use a proxy.

Always remember that a proxy server has its own IP address but it is made public. A proxy IP address can be used for different business functions that are related to a lot of things like security and customer experience. Take advantage of the benefits that these proxy servers can provide you and your company.