Discover The Sims 4 – Everyone Must Know This Best Selling Game

With The Sims video game, it turned out that a newly released series of the life simulation video game series. This new video game series is the fourth major title. The Sims Studio developed the and published by Electronic Arts. The game was originally announced way back on the year 2013 of May 6. It was also released in 2014 on the month of September in North America designed for Microsoft Windows. For the Mac operating system, the compatible version was made for digital download on the year 2015 of February 17. The first PC game a sims 4 download to top all the format charts in 2 years. Since the day it was released, it has received mixed reviews with the majority of criticisms due to its lack of content. In fact, since the first day it was launched, the game becomes the best selling PC game of 2014-2015.

The game becomes the best selling in the online market

In the year 2018 of June, the game has sold for more than 10 Million copies around the world. The Sims 4 is a life process game. The players create a Sim character and then control life to explore various personalities. It changes the way the game will be played. Sims can do multitask like talking while doing a task. The Sims’ moodlets may modify the gameplay. For instance, s Sim can make a task while being totally excited or angry. The same to former Sims games, player-made challenges abound. One of the most frequent is the Legacy Challenge that players made a single Sim. The player makes a family line that lasts for 10 generations.

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The major change of the Sims 4 creates a sim functionality is that the sliders replaced by a click, drag and pulling of the mouse. By mouse clicking, dragging and pulling players might manipulate directly the facial features of the game. The players can directly operate any body part that includes the abdomen, legs, chest, feet, and arms. In the former Sims games, only the fatness and fitness can be operated on a Sims body. But, fatness and fitness levels can be adjusted in the Sims 4. The base games have more than 40 hairstyles for men and women. There will be 18 hair colors options each hairstyle. A selection of pre-made designs of the game is available to select from that ranges in ethnicity and body shape.

Life stages of the Sims

There are seven life stages available, it includes the toddler, baby, child, teenager, the young adult, the adult, and the elder. For the baby stage, it is accessible only by the birth of a Sim. it is not available in Create A Sim. Toddlers were mainly absent from the release of the original game. But it is added in the January 2017 patch. Every Sim has 3 traits and also an aspiration its personal hidden trait. In comparison to the former Sims games, where every day, sleepwear, formal, athletic, swimwear wardrobes and party were restricted. All the clothing options are available at