Pogo Pin Sockets, What are they?

Before going into the details of the different types of pogo pin socket, it is necessary to know what a pogo pin is. Pogo pin, also known as probe pin or spring probe is a modern tool used in electronic applications and electronics testing industry. This tool is commonly applied to electronic devices such as smart watches, antennas, and rugged personal computers, monitor connectors, docking stations, antennas and laptop charging cables. Pogo pin is also used in electronic testing, serving as a battery tester, in-circuit tester, and printed circuit board testers.


A probe pin’s structure is designed having three major parts: plunger, spring, and barrel. The plunger and barrel are usually made out of brass and copper with a thin layer of nickel applied. Aside from using beryllium copper and phosphor bronze, some manufacturers add up a gold plating, to enhance the stability and contact resistance of the pogo pin. The spring, on the other hand, is usually made out of stainless steel and music wire.

There are now different types of probe pins specifically designed for certain electronics. Test Tooling Solutions Group, a company dedicated to help customers solve some of the most challenging issues in semiconductor test and tooling today, offers probe pins such as- High Frequency Short Probe, High Power Short Probe, Wiping Probe, Kelvin Probe, Tubeless Probe, WLCSP Probe, High Frequency Short Probe, High Frequency Short Probe, High Power Probe (Conical tip) and High Power Probe (Crown tip), WLCSP Probe among other products.


On the other hand, the pogo pin socket is a compact and cost-effective design of a mechanical socket used in the development and testing of semiconductor products. There are different types of pogo pin socket and each provides for specific parameters on how it is used depending on the testing environment. A very common type is the aging socket used in electronics with low test signal (usually several kHz). It has a long aging test time and the temperature usually reaches 125 ℃. This type of socket detects failure even without the need to disassemble the device just depending on extended thermal stress for 24-72 hours. There are different models available in the market today which offer beyond the traditional solutions to the device testing applicable to the different testing environment and can support its performance requirements.

Kinds of Pogo Pin Sockets

Sockets also vary on where it applied. For bee contacts, there are BGA test socket, Quad Flat Non-Lead Package or Small Outline Non-Lead Package test socket, Quad Flat Package or Small Outline Package test socket and Wafer Level Chip Size Package test socket. For J-contacts, there is a test socket for QFP/SOP, small electronic parts, and GND Block.

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