Some common queries and concepts related to laser tag sets

Laser tag sets are in huge demand for playing for kids as well as adults and new and new games and advancements keep on getting added to the games on a continuous basis. But there are few queries and concerns about safety and pricing that parents and kids have while using laser tag sets. Here we aim to solve all such queries regarding laser tag sets. You can get more information about these games on .

What is the approximate cost of owning a laser tag set?

The cost depends completely whether you are buying a high-quality one for the arena or home-based laser tag sets. If you are buying a basic one with guns that have no extra sensors then you can expect the cost to start from 25-35 USD per gun. The cost increases with the number of extra guns, extra games and features that you are looking for and the more advanced one will cost you around 35-55$ per gun. If you are looking to buy a separate sensor with a gun then it can cost around 15-40$ for the sensor. The laser tag sets also come with the cost of replacing the batteries if you are not using a rechargeable one.

What is the distance at which the laser guns are effective? distance at which the home-based gun of laser works varies a lot depending on the model and the brand that you are choosing. Also, the accuracy and durability of the guns vary. While the advanced ones can record a sensor strike across more than 100 feet the cheap ones can work over 30-40 feet only.

Are the laser guns and beams safe for kids?

Laser tag guns make use of beams that are powered with low-power lasers and so they are not at all harmful and properly tested. The ones that make use of infrared lasers are safer.

What are the damages or side effects of using a home-based laser tag set?

Injuries can be caused by a laser tag game only if the players fall or trip over some obstacles while running. Define proper boundaries for the game and make sure that there is nothing unsafe or stray lying in the playing area.

What are the advanced features available in laser guns?

Advanced features include vibrations, tactile feedback, lights, sound effects and advanced sensors.