3D printing, all that is technology based, now at our hands, quick and easy!

3D printing as we all know by now is also called as addictive manufacturing or at times called as desktop fabrication.It is a simple process in which real and physical objects can be created in a 3D design blueprint.3D printing is a part of merging technology that was first introduced in the year 1986! But as we all know it was until 1990 it started turning many heads in this vast world of technology!

This technology was so powerful that it had an ability to actually create objects from the scratch into a real life object that can be touched, felt and looked absolutely real!

Going back to history

It all began in the year 1984, where a process called SLA was invented by Charles Hull who then went on to cofound a company 3D Systems. This printing process gave rise to the entire concept of 3D printing that is 3D object from a digital design. In other words this process also allowed the creation of a 3D model from a picture or blueprint, before investments were made in large manufacturing processes by companies.

The workings

3D printers have their reputation of their own, with the revolutionary changes that took place have made a huge difference in the field of technology as we all know. The whole process of fusing together layers of material in or der to create an object is commendable in its self. The main task of the 3D printers is to work under the control of computer that helps making this process with an unmatched precision and superior accuracy.


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