Web Designing and Digital Marketing 101- Building a Brand on Instagram

Instagram is now the world No.1 image-based social media channel, which is also used by marketers effectively to build their business brands online. This platform is entirely visual, which makes things easier for the followers and the same reason, is growing at a tremendous pace.

By the year 2018, it is predicted that more than about 52% of the entire social media users will have Instagram accounts and within one more year, it may grow to nearly two-thirds of all the millennial users will be there on Instagram. There are more than 350 million active users on Instagram now in 2017.

When it comes to business promotions through this platform, studies have shown that the per-follower engagement on Instagram for the top rated brands is about 59 times bigger than Facebook and about 125 times higher than Twitter.

Brand user engagement through Instagram

Every web designers and developers should know the essentiality of Instagram and how to build it parallel to your website activates.  Here, we will discuss some significant tips you can consider while planning to create a solid brand presence on this unique platform.

Here, we will see a few steps to do this efficiently and get a lot of Instagram followers.

  1. Create a noticeable profile

Even if you maintain a well-designed website, it is essential to create a business profile separately on Instagram too to post daily content relevant to the business. Don’t forget to add a call to action at the profile and bio, which will help ride your target audience to your website or landing page. Always remember to use the most relevant keywords as the hashtag of Instagram posts.

  1. Do regular posting

Like any social media platforms, to make the followers know you are alive and active, it is essential to post on Instagram daily or at least twice weekly with engaging content. You can also try to promote your Instagram account through other networking channels too as Facebook or Twitter to attract more followers. It is important to link your Instagram account to other social media accounts too, apart from FB and Twitter, also explore Flickr, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Foursquare, etc.

  1. Take advantage of the influencer outreach

Influencer marketing is the most popular strategy for business promotions through Instagram. Search for influencer accounts on your niche with a large number of followers. Contact them and check whether they are willing to promote your profile and business to their followers. However, don’t rely on the black-hat marketers who offer you a large number of Instagram followers overnight. Becoming an influencer is a steady, long-time process to taste real success.

  1. Use only professional photos

Instagram is purely a visual media and to impress others, quality of your images is vital. If you want to show up your products or other brand promotion photos, it is essential to hire a professional photographer or designer to update the Instagram page. Stock images are not highly recommended for Instagram, but tasteful images from the stock can also be used on finding it relevant to your business and need of the situation. You can check the other promotional campaigns of your competitors to identify which filters work wonders.

Don’t miss the golden opportunity with Instagram if you want to promote your business online. Insightful business administrators, social media marketing strategists, and designers need to work hand-in-hand to plan and execute successful Instagram campaigns.

Author bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.