More unique the internal needs of a business, more and more is the need for a custom software tailor-made to meet your specific needs. Efficiency, commitment and paramount results being the key features, Velvetech has turned out to be the most recommended custom software development company in the industry.

We offer a wide range of technology solutions to enhance your business that include-

  • Software Development Services
  • Web Apps
  • Mobile Apps
  • IT Services
  • Process Automation

The gigantic growth of mobile phone industry has led to an immense increase in the use of mobile applications. To understand the complications and specificity of each mobile application idea and to skillfully develop the software, is not at all an easy task, especially while considering the tough competition faced in this field. The trained professionals at Velvetech, provide you with efficient solutions, whatever may be your software issues.

  • Mobile App Development
  • Enterprise Mobile App Development:

The impact of mobile technology on businesses all over the globe is huge. Many companies have realised this fact and incorporate the need for mobile app development in their business strategy. There is a direct relationship between customer interaction and business productivity. So, a proper platform for customer engagement and interaction is a much needed one. There are various types of enterprise solutions offered ranging from content management and billing to CRM and business intelligence solutions. Velvetech can be your staunch partner for mobile strategy execution.

  • iOS App Development

The launch of iPhones has revolutionized the global technology market as it has changed the way people interacted with technology and hence, the demand for iPhone and iPad apps is on a rise. The craze and popularity of iOS apps is visible among both consumer and business domains. The need to match up with modern technology trends increases the demand for software solutions.

  • Android App Development

Android market is widely popular for the diversity it offers. The main attraction of android apps is that it targets all kind of possible users and are hence easy to operate. This is the reason why Android is having a large user base. Velvetech offers solutions that suit your business needs. Our team analyses the challenges and come up with efficient solutions that ensure business processes adding value to all users.

  • Windows Phone App Development

The term ‘Windows’ and ‘Business’ go hand in hand. Being a proud Microsoft certified partner, we guarantee to provide impeccable, dependable and feature-rich Windows phone apps which are capable of solving all business related tasks on all devices compatible with this operating system.

  • Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Multi-platform compatibility can relieve you from all kind of software related stress. We create mobile enterprise solutions and consumer apps for all major mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows phone, Blackberry and more. In order to target a wider range of audience, cross-platform apps are developed.

Associating with the most recommended custom software development company, Velvetech will always be a profitable deal as our proficient mobile team is well experienced in utilising various tools, frameworks and IDEs.

Velvetech is your perfect partner to enhance both impact and sales.