Is there a messaging app for PC?

KakaoTalk is a comprehensive chat and messaging app that not only supports conversations on mobile phones, but also on Windows PCs. The programme not only supports many of the functions found in other programmes such as Viber or MSN Messenger, but it can also send text messages to cell phones. If you install KakaoTalk on an iPhone or Android, you can also compare it to WhatsApp. On the PC version, you can join conversations with multiple people, send “stickers,” and take advantage of Kakao’s social networking features. There wouldn’t be much in the way of social activities for those of us in North America. Rich-text features are also supported by KakaoTalk. KakaoTalk supports text chat, group chat, and video conferencing. It can support : 1. Conversations with up to 5 people can be held at the same time. 2. Plan and vote on events 3. Stickers and animations are included. 4. Track celebrities and bands. 5. Send gifts to your friends. 6. Distribute files to third parties. 7. Convert chats into Excel spreadsheets. kakaotalk for pc can be downloaded from Guruprasad website as well.

messaging app for PC

Some notable PC KakaoTalk features :

 This application provides us with more options than most messaging clients. Your discussions are secure. If you share your computer with others, the Lock mode comes in handy. You can sign out even if your computer is not connected. If you leave your session unfinished, you can log out remotely. Organize your chats using a spreadsheet. Change the transparency of the chat window to speak more quietly. If you use KakaoTalk Messenger on your smartphone, you must download KakaoTalk to your computer. KakaoTalk for Windows is a free smartphone messenger that allows users to send and receive messages, photos, videos, voice notes, and contact information through one-on-one and group chats around the world. By clicking on the free download button, you can get KakaoTalk for PC offline installer. You can now make free calls and participate in group calls with your friends! Call your friends for free, whenever and wherever you want! Send documents,  images, videos, compressed files or audio from your PC for viewing on both your PC and mobile device. KakaoTalk began as a messenger service but has evolved into a platform for the distribution of third-party content and apps, including hundreds of games that users can download and play via the messaging platform.