5 Kinds of Websites And Their Right Web Design In Essex

According to a web survey in the past year, it is estimated that there are well over 1.5 billion websites in the world. To stand out in this ocean of websites, besides great content, you also need a great web design. As a business owner in Essex, who is about to launch her website on the internet, you need to be fully aware of the kind of website you need for yourself and then different kinds of Web Design Essex that are great for these websites.

Here are 5 Different Types Of Websites And Their Web Design

E-commerce Websites

These are very popular online shopping destinations for internet users. The features that make an e-commerce website efficient are ease of browsing products, filtering them by categories, highlighting special sales, easy purchases. Additionally, updating new products and inventory should from the back-end be easy for the owners, and sales, logistics, and marketing should all be continually informed of. The design of e-commerce websites can be made in many templates that match the needs of respective businesses.

Magazine Websites

The print media has largely shifted to the digital platform and the large numbers of magazine websites add to it. These are the type of websites that provide educational and informational content.

These websites are commonly used by universities, and organizations. The layout of a magazine website should remain the same on all pages of the website and it needs to be made responsive for readability on various devices.

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Brochure Website

These are the kinds of websites that are used by companies that sell bespoke services. They need to easy-to-navigate where the works with past clients could be show-cased in large spaces and due explanation of what the business does could be given.

Portfolio Websites

These are the kind of websites designed for creative professionals, artists, developers, etc. By nature, these websites need to be creative and experimentation with distinctive layouts, and interesting features could be done. For example, if you’re a designer in Essex, your design will have to be more focused on the images rather than the text. There should be a great blend of easy navigation, visibility of ad campaigns and clear perspective on your work through your web design Essex.


Blogs are a regular compilation of featured articles, photos, and videos but compared with magazines they are more casual and personalized. An instance of how a web design of a blog can be improved is adding integrated, rotating sliders on the website which could take the user through different categories on the website. Blogs should be designed such that the users are kept engaged.

With a great web design Essex and your quality content, it is fairly under your capabilities to build a website that will bring a lot of organic traffic to your website and ensure you great success in your endeavours.