Key Tips to Choose the Camera You need

If you are thinking of buying a  best dslr camera under 3000 or change to another model, I recommend you read these tips, so that you yourself answer all the questions that I will be explaining, in order to get the one that best meets your needs. Almost always, the limiting factor when deciding one model or another is the budget. Normally we only contemplate the option of acquiring a new camera, when in fact; Review Station there is a very broad second-hand market that can allow us to access superior models.


The compact cameras are the smallest, have a built-in non-interchangeable lens and are the ones with the lowest quality.

They do not usually have options for manual exposure control, so we can simply use them automatically. It is the typical camera that we can take anywhere, although with the rise of mobiles and their increasingly better cameras, it seems that they have less and less sense.

best dslr camera under 3000


  • Known all over the world, they give very good quality due to the sensors they incorporate.
  • They allow to exchange different objectives, we can shoot in RAW format , and they have more and more functionalities.
  • One of its strengths is the ergonomics, since they adapt to the hands, and the buttons are strategically placed in the most appropriate position. There are also a large number of accessories and range of objectives.

CSC (Compact System Camera)

They are the last type of camera that has come on the market, and they are a mixture of compact and reflex cameras, since their size is reduced by not wearing a mirror, but it allows exchanging lenses.

The image quality is very good, compared to the large models of SLR cameras. At first, there were several reasons why many photographers did not take the step, although little by little new models are solving them.

  • The issue of ergonomics is something that some do not convince, first because being so small do not have the feeling of good grip. Also ,because to modify some parameter you have to access menus due to the lack of buttons, which delays the trigger.
  • They have a digital viewfinder instead of an optical viewfinder, which, perhaps, is hard to get used to. Although in favor it has that we can see multitude of options directly in the screen of the viewer.
  • Being 100% electronic consume more battery . In addition, the batteries are smaller, so they last less.

On the other hand, they also have many advantages, such as the small size, which allows going unnoticed and taking them almost anywhere. The objectives are in accordance with the bodies, occupying little space, although the range is still a little reduced in some brands.

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