Everything You Need To Know About Proxy Sites

A number of companies use proxy servers and proxy site for various reasons. This makes it important for people to know what exactly proxy servers are and what their use is. A proxy server is an intermediate between the user and websites that they surf. Each company has its own needs and requirements when they decide to use a proxy server.

Why people use it

Traditionally, proxy servers are supposed to forward web requests of users. This helps in ensuring the network performs well and the data is secure. Moreover, you don’t have to request for it every time since the proxy server stores the data is the form of cache, which gives you quick and easy access to the resource you’re looking for. Companies normally use proxy servers to keep the internal network protected, acting like a firewall. Also, using a proxy server means having a high level of privacy as well.

How does it work

Each computer has its own unique IP address that helps the internet to send the right stuff to the right computer that has requested a certain resource. Similarly, a proxy server also has its own IP address, which means the internet can send resources to the proxy server.

When you request access to a website on the internet, this request is first sent to the proxy server. Now, the proxy server sends this request to the internet and it detects the IP address of the proxy server. As the internet sends a response to the proxy server, the proxy server forwards this information to you. This way, you surf the internet without your IP address being required to make the request.

Many times, the proxy server can even change the IP address of your computer. This makes it hard for other websites to tell which part of the world your computer is located in.

Proxy Servers

Functions of a proxy server

There are certain functions that a proxy server fulfills. First of all, if you’re a small business and managing a number of employees, you can control the internet usage of your employees by using a proxy site. These days, even parents use a proxy server to monitor the internet usage of their children. While that is one thing, proxy servers help in reducing the bandwidth used. In addition, when the bandwidth is saved, there is increased speed in the internet.

Proxy server also gives privacy to the user who is browsing the internet. As already mentioned, when you use a proxy server, your exact IP address is not visible to the website you’re browsing. Proxy servers give access to certain websites that are blocked due to certain restrictions.

This is all you need to know about proxy servers. As users make themselves aware of what proxy servers are and what their functions are, it helps them make use of the proxy server in a better way whenever required. Whether you’re a parent, company, or an independent user, proxy servers can be immensely useful to you.