7 Upcoming Smartphone Features in Future which will change your life

Even smartphone is not enough now as it requires evolving and adapting new technologies. We can see the fulfilment of high-end features in budget-restrained smartphones. Now ever premium features are no longer in hands of flagship phones. The bar has been dropped down, so it requires extension of technology. Here are the 7 upcoming smartphone features in future which will entirely change your life.

  1. Flexible Screens: Foldable or flexible screens are at verge to be making its entry in the smartphone market. This will allow users to fold their smartphones and place it anywhere they like. The flexible screens will use OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology to make it possible. Some brands like Lenovo and Samsung are soon coming up with their prototypes or even the release in the market.
  2. Solar & Motion Charging: This will be a revolution in features of smartphones as it will remove any possibility of wire adapters and limitation of using energy. Users will be able to charge their phones with the help of solar energy. Also, it can be possible that the motion will charge the phone.
  3. Augmented Reality (AR) : AR technology will be updated on the level where it can be used for enhanced viewing experience. Imagine watching movies, playing games and motion capturing images of 360 degree with this feature in your smartphone. It will change the visual technology to another extent. You can catch information of everything just putting your smartphone camera over it or find ‘live’ information or location of nearby cafes or places.
  4. In-Built projection : The high-resolution projectors will allow you to watch movies, videos and play games anywhere on larger screens, can be projected anywhere and irrespective of the light or surrounding requirements. With AR and motion sensor technologies merging with this, you will use your smartphone application on 3D Projection style like you have watched in movies like Iron Man.
  5. Centralized Storage System: This will be the extent of cloud system where everything, every data will be stored on a central system connecting everything to everything but of course with personal security and privacy. There will be no storage issues or even requirement for it. It also invites the universal Wi-fi system where everything works on centralised internet network.
  6. Voice Control at Best: We do have voice control now, at quite at extent but still not applied on a higher level to be accepted globally. Imagine having a voice control system which can understand you irrespective of language or complexity. You just say and it work. It only follow command on your voice which means your voice will be also a password to enter in your smartphone.
  7. Artificial Intelligence (AI) : Just imagine your smartphone having its own mind which is obligated to obey your instructions only but it won’t be just a dump application. It will learn, understand you, act as a person to you, just like an assistant or a even a friend constantly with you. AI will work on advance voice command and learn to adapt.

There are lot of such futuristic features of smartphone coming up in years where lot of these are into pipeline and some are even at edge of being introduced like folding screens and Voice control. Some might seem distant like AI and solar/motion charging but it will come. Keep intact to new smartphones and upcoming technologies on websites like Handtec and upcoming smartphone technology will indeed change your life