Why choose PrestaShop?

There are numerous e-commerce CMS that are available in the online shopping industry and one can get confused as to which one to choose. There are lots of open sources as well as paid options available. But out of those Prestashop is a versatile, robust and easy to use CMS for online stores. Many users globally prefer this CMS for their online business and it provides amazing features and extensions such as Prestashop mega menu, testimonials, and payment gateways, shipping gateways etc which are inbuilt or easily implemented in this CMS. Let us look at the top reasons why we must choose Prestashop as an e-commerce platform.

  • Easy to use admin panel – The admin panel of Prestashop from where you can manage most of the website is super easy to understand without much knowledge of computer. The user-friendly design of the admin panel makes the learning curve relatively short and you can master it within few hours to few days.
  • Numerous private sales module to choose from – As it is an open source platform there are numerous modules and extensions that are being developed and added to the PrestaShop community. You can easily add and integrate modules such as Prestashop mega menu, payment gateways, customer discounts and loyalty programs etc. in your online shop.

Prestashop mega menu

  • Amazing customer support – the customer and community support offered by this eCommerce platform is amazing and as a new user, you can get a lot of help in setting up and using the online store platform without much hassle. You need not go to the developer again and again to ask small queries.
  • Completely open source – Prestashop is a complete open source platform which means that you need not worry about monthly or yearly subscriptions. You only have to pay the development fees if you are looking for some customizations. Apart from that, there are no hidden charges.
  • SEO-friendly – the platform is SEO friendly and you can easily add Meta tags, keywords, image alt tags etc. to your products.
  • Super easy to customize – As the platform is completely open source so the code is available for customization. There is no sort of encrypted code that will prevent you from customizing the platform as per your requirements and imagination. You can create amazing features with simple coding changes in this CMS.

Hence it is highly preferable to choose PrestaShop as your e-commerce platform.