Video to Audio Conversion Process Has Never Been This Easy

Have you ever heard of a song on YouTube and felt that is the best song that you have ever heard in a long time? If yes, then what would you do to keep it with you always and want to listen to it again and again. You can always bookmark it on YouTube and open the link whenever you want to listen to it, or you can even save it offline on YouTube itself. However, with these measures, you need to open the website when you want to listen to your new favorite song.

What if we tell you that there is a way by which you do not need to open the website or even the application all the time. There is a tool available on the web called convertpanda-convert youtube to mp3 online. You may think that this is just case of the old wine in a new bottle. However, this online software is indeed the best and most efficient converter among all the others.

First of all, this software is present online, and it is free to use for everyone. There are no hidden signups or subscriptions involved with it, and you do not need to provide your email to access it. This tool presents a hassle-free and without any limitation proposal to convert your videos to any audio format in a quick manner.

Earlier if people wanted to convert any video file to audio, they needed first to download any software and then only they could do it. However, not now, the convertpanda-convert youtube to mp3 online is a hassle-free online tool open for everybody alike.

To convert your video, there is a three-step process that you need to follow:

  1. Select the URL:The first step involves the selection of the URL of your favorite. After selecting you to need to copy and paste it on the convert panda in the column provided. You can choose any URL from a range of website including YouTube, Vimeo, 9GAG, Break, Dailymotion, Soundcloud, Imgur, and Facebook. All the videos from these websites are fully compatible with the tool and can be converted to the audio format with ease.
  2. Format selection:This step is rather important, here you need to choose one format for your video, whether it has been selected from Facebook or YouTube, it doesn’t matter. For all the videos you will get a list of all the formats to which it can be converted. You need to choose your favorite format and click on download.
  3. 3. Saving the file:The process is not complete without saving it on your device. Before the download starts the tool will intimate you to save the file on some specified location in your device. Select the location and let the download begin.