Parenting Done Right With the Help Of Technology

Parenting is considered the hardest job out there. You can’t resign from it. And it’s not something you can give up. One wrong move and this can affect your child’s future and growth in a very bad or a very good manner. Sure, parent guide handbooks are there. But it doesn’t really prepare you for the whole experience. Despite it being a very challenging, and sometimes exhausting experience, it’s also a fulfilling thing for many. Having a family of your own can bring happiness not easily found in specific things.

Different Benefits Of Using Parental Monitoring App 

With kids constantly using mobile devices and having easy access to the internet, it’s quite difficult to filter the things they see and hear. It’s even more challenging especially since devices and the internet itself aren’t providing such filters. But with the use of the Plano app, there isn’t any cause for concern anymore. With this, you can be certain that your kids are using the gadgets for their development.

This helps manage their time in using the device.

The app helps track the amount of time they have been using the device and what apps and programs they were using that specific time. Parents can control the number of hours they spend for entertainment so they can better focus on their school works and assignments. When the prescribed balance is achieved, the app also rewards the kids for their effort. If you’re not certain about letting them, you can set the app limits on your own. 

Manage and control the content they can view.

Harmful and dangerous content for children is present on the internet. If the proper filters and precautions aren’t used, there’s a chance that this can cause them to grow up in a strange way. They can learn or be corrupted by what they see online. The app can be programmed to prohibit them. 

 Parental Monitoring App

Prevents eye damage.

The facial recognition sensor and feature help the app detect how far or how near the face and the eyes of your child are. Such devices have contributed to poor eyesight, especially for kids. As a preventive measure, the program aims to set them at the right distance to help make sure they don’t get too near and damage their eyes in the process. 

Reports their progress.

Plano also contains a variety of programs and activities for your kid. There, they can play or do several activities. The app keeps track of their progress and provides a detailed report to parents. With this, it’s not difficult to determine where they are lacking or if they’re progressing faster than expected. 

Control and where and when the devices can be used.

This is part of the method to properly teach them self-discipline and responsibility. Since most kids are very attached to their devices, the program helps in making sure they don’t use it at the time that’s not intended for playing. With the Parental Monitoring App, the parents have total control over when this can be used and where the kids can use certain apps or the whole device in general.