How to Remove iCloud Lock on Apple Device

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Apple Inc. is well established company in the mobile industry that had invented many devices that have iCloud Lock feature installed in them. Here iCloudrefers to computing service that is used for cloud storage created in 2011 on 12th Oct for its devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Tablet, and Windows PC.This iCloud Lock helps one backup their files, store notes and messages, photos, videos, contacts, documents and even many more. To remove icloud lock, one requires to use their Apple ID which is protected by username and password. If your device is stolen or lockedand you are unable to access it then uses this account to unlock or bypass icloudlock. The screen with your phone number will help theunauthorized person to contact you and gather the website information of to provide your iCloud Account ID details. It is only then that the iCloud Remover Software of Apple Inc that is lightweight and easy to manage will help you to unlock your device with IMEI details.remove icloud

How to Remove iCloud Lock on Apple Device

Here are few steps to help the users how to use Apple iCloud software to activate their device after removing the lock.

  1. Be it any Apple device such as iPhone or iPad, if they are locked and the user is unable to access their device then they must login with their Apple iCloud ID issued at the time of purchasing of the device. It includes username and password to activate their device once the iCloud lock is removed or bypassed.
  2. If the device is erased or lost, then the hacker will see a pop-up message of the user’s mobile number to contact by the same person.When the owner iscontacted,he can use his cloud username and password to access the device.
  3. If at all due to server problem your iPhone or iPad device is not working, then try to connect with iTunes or internet who will allow you to remove icloud lock on yourdevice within few minutes.
  4. If the issue still persists then make a visit on or reach their customer support team who will assist you with the website information. Now just click on ‘Buy Now Submit IMEI’ tab on their website homepage to submit your IMEI details and communicate via sending emails.
  5. Once they acknowledge your mail they send you verification and confirmation mail which will tell your device is compatible to remove or bypass with their Apple iCloud remover software or not. Then purchase their Guide and eBook to access your device by yourself.


From how long are you struggling to activate and access your iPhone? Don’t worry, Apple iCloud Remover software is now available to remove or bypass the iCloud lock on your device that is lightweight and easy to manage. Now access your Apple device to communicate effectively with your family or friends.