How To Make Your Printer Last Longer?

A printer, like any other machine, is susceptible to breakdowns. Therefore, it is important that you must have a clear and complete understanding about basic printer management tips before you purchase a good quality printer from

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Coming back to printer care and management tips, faults with printers can be prevented or minimized to a great extent with a little bit of knowledge.


Here are some great tips to prolong the life of your printer and reduce potential problems:

  • It is extremely important for you to observe a high sense of care and diligence when opening the printer for routine care. For this, you can simply switch off the electricity and ensure that the hands are clear of moving parts and hot fuses.
  • Paper jam is one of the most common problems with printers. It is extremely common for most printer users to become frustrated and yank out the paper when a jam happens. However, the ideal solution will be to read the printer manual and find out the reason behind paper jams and how to correct this problem.
  • Build-ups of toner, dust, and other debris inside the printer can result in jams along with ink stripes that may possibly spoil the printing papers. For this, you can use a cotton swab or any other recommended material to remove dust and debris. Please ensure that you perform this task gently and carefully without exerting too much of force or pressure.
  • The printer heads may be clogged and must be cleaned, if you are experiencing some marks with white lines or blurry/faded images even though the cartridges are not empty. For this, you can simply visit the manufacturer’s website or have a look at the printer manual on how to clean the printer head.
  • It is always recommend spending a little money on a care kit from the manufacturer that made your printer. It is important before parts of the printer start showing signs of wear and tear. Usually, these printer care kits include a wide range of products from changeable printer components including rollers to cleaning materials that can assist you with most common printer problems.
  • If the repair or trouble is beyond your control or knowledge, it is best to call out the customer care number of the printer company or manufacturer instead of trying your hands out.

No printer is perfect obviously and issues are bound to happen from occasional paper jams to smudges and from malfunctions to ink cartridge refills or replacements. However, you can surely prolong the life of your printer with a little printer care.