Common SEO Mistakes that Should be Avoided

SEO is the core to having your website increase its traffic. You can have them through many ways. SEO is the only way through which you can have your website come up to the top of the list in every aspect. Google regularly updates the algorithm to provide the perfect searches for organic searches and if you maintain your SEO techniques, you can easily rank on top too.

However, there are many newbies who have been investing a lot of time doing things which aren’t required for their websites. Here are some common mistakes that are made by people trying to incorporate SEO into their websites. Let’s understand them and make sure we don’t make such mistakes.

Over Optimization

This is the most common problem that is faced all around the world and is made widely by a lot of people. A mistake that is made is they tend to over optimize their anchor tags. They use the same phrase having the same link, and this is a thing they really look into to make sure you use the same text.

Some have the perception that getting multiple links to a particular site can be the most effective way to get the site optimized. However, that is not the thing. Google catches the ones with the same mistake andpenalises the site because it seems to be fake. Hence, make sure you use a variety of words directing to the link.

No Quality Content

The reason why people visit a certain website is they want to get a solution to a specific problem or get an information and details regarding that. Having irreverent content can drive the visitors away from your site and never to return again. There are a lot of people who just fill their site with irreverent data and information hoping it would rank better. This thingdecreases the traffic count on the site and hence, the site tends to become extinct.

If people jump to another site for the same search query, then it’s notified to Google that they are not able to find the right solution on your site and hence, the rating of your site will go down.

Building a lot of backlinks in short intervals

Jasa backlink are one of the many ways to improve your SEO rating. However,many people try to make a lot of links directed to their website as a good gesture. This thing, if done, notifies Google that there aresome unnatural activities going on because it’s sure that a number of sites directing toaparticular site in a single moment aren’t possible.


These are few of the many mistakes that you need to resolve to make sure you’re not blacklisted by Google.