A Beginners’ Guide On How To Be A Hacker

Ethical Hacking is getting more and more popular in well-developed countries like the United States and it is a dream of so many individuals especially the younger generation to learn how to become a hacker through different online courses, PDF books, and other programming courses. However, it’s more than all that. If you are a beginner and learning to be a hacker, there are certain things that you have to know first and that is what you have to prioritise.

Last year we have heard about the Shadow Brokers. They are considered as one of 2017s biggest hacks in the United States when they claimed to have breached the spy tools of the elite NSA-linked operation called the Equation Group. They are also known for the Windows exploit called EternalBlue that these hackers have used in two other high-profile attacks. The identity of the Shadow Brokers are still unknown and because of problems like these, the United States needs more white hat hackers.

What Is A Hacker?

Before knowing the how to be a hacker step by step guide, you should know first how to differentiate a hacker and a cracker. These are the terms that may sound synonymous, but they are not.

  • Hacker. This is a person who is highly interested in the workings of any computer operating system and they are usually programmers. Hackers always make sure that they learn more about the operating systems and programming languages. They are able to discover holes within the system and the reason for these holes. Hackers always want to get more knowledge and they would freely share the information that they discovered and would never intentionally damage the data.

  • Cracker. This person, on the other hand, breaks into or violates the system of remote machines with their malicious intent. Once they get into the system through unauthorized access, they destroy important data and deny legitimate users service. They may even cause problems for their target.

Prerequisites On Learning How To Hack

You can be a certified ethical hacker (CEH) who has a certificate from school, or you can also be a self-taught hacker. Always remember that learning how to hack is not as easy as it is portrayed in the hacking sites. Online tutorials are never enough and not even the popular Kali Linux tutorial and other courses. You can learn from the basics but you will definitely have an edge if you are already a computer programmer.

If you want to be a successful hacker, put more effort into it. If you are lazy, you will never be successful in anything that you do. It would need more hours of work and your dedication to study. Never be afraid to take risks and trying things out yourself. Do not be afraid to commit mistakes as this would only teach you how to be better. Lastly, always broaden your knowledge. There are now YouTube channels and social media pages that can help you learn more about ethical hacking.