The Ubiquitous Rush of Music hysteria

Free Internet Radio is the synonym of the golden period’s Radio stations today. Remember the “Radio Era”, where the radio made a buzz everywhere you stepped in. It was the only source of entertainment one had back then. Those tiny tape recorders followed people everywhere they loitered! There was this curiosity of which song would be played next, the amazing mesmerizing ear soothing stories by the radio jockeys. Their voice always had a magic to capture the attention of the people with awe!!

With time, the Radio began diminishing slowly due to the easy access to the internet facilities, yet no other source was able to replace this amazing earpiece with the urge to air and listen something new, every time one switches it on! However, some few music maniacs have come up with this crazy idea of “Free Internet Radio” for the music lovers!  With the tagline “Better Radio, Unlimited skips”. They have created a website, which includes many genres to quench the thirst of the variety of music lovers in the country.

This website offers the stations like:

  • Today’s hits: This station involves the hit songs of the present day according to the search popularity.
  • Current country: This station includes the “buzz” of the songs in the country presently.
  • Current rock: It includes the famous rock music, which has been on the tongue and at the ears of every individual.
  • Adult hits: This holds the package of all the adult music, which is most famous among the youths.
  • 50’s and 60’s: This is the list of songs, famous in our parent’s songs collection!!Old is gold!
  • Hip-hop hits: Remember “Hasta-la-Vista”, well it’s the home for such songs, kind of station!
  • Top 20 hits: This includes the top 20 most popular songs.
  • Classic throughout: It includes the evergreen classical music. The best one to soothe the ear.
  • 90’s through today: This includes all the latest songs of the current year!!

 By clicking on the station names, one can also access the Song details, lyrics, artist info, current playlist, song history and there’s even a section, where one can type in the comments. The admin responses to any query, within no time, thus, making it even more enticing. All one has to do is sign up or log in through your respective accounts and create your playlist or simply play your favorite music.

This is another way to keep the radio alive in our lives. This website even consists of blog section, which consists of various articles on various media and also consists of diverse radio stations.

This channel opens the gateway to play only the hits of the particular era, unlike other website channels, which includes almost all the songs and artists irrespective of its popularity.

It is a multi-channeled, multi-programmed internet radio service.One can access it through the website “”.

Every channels playlist in the directory is skillfully employed using the patent pending “Music Matrix” algorithm and then an expert music curator puts the finishing touches, which marks it unique from the others.

Hitsradio is free for everyone and supported by national, regional and local advertisers.

So, what are you waiting for guys!!Go hit the URL and relax with a cup of coffee with the most voguish songs collection, just a “tuck” away!!