Know the skill of setting a printer in Windows 8

The computer users know how much helpful this device is. It can perform a number of actions in a fraction of second and that is the reason why there is hardly any area left where this device is not present. There are various operating devices on which the computer runs, and the user needs to know the same. The printer is also an important device for the system that can help one get the required documents printed but before the sending the print to the printer one needs to know that the printer is already installed on the device as without the installation of a printer the printing of the document is not possible at all.

Usually to install the printer and make it functional is not difficult but those who don’t know how to do that must know a few basic steps that can help one know the process and install the printer even if one has to install the same on Windows 8. So you must know how you can setup a printer in Windows 8 and that too without hiring an expert from the field. These steps are simple yet too much effective and help one to save ample amount of time and charges of an expert for providing his services.  However, here one needs to note that these steps are primary and if they cannot offer the expected result, you must contact the expert in the field and ask for support.

Here are the steps that can help you setting the printer:

  • As the first step, just find the settings on the windows. For this, you can use search option or a shortcut. You can use “Windows Key +W, ” and it will lead you to the option of devices and printers. It can be searched from power user menu also where in the control panel the option of devices and printers is provided.
  • In the second step find the option of My Wireless Printer forms the printers option. Make double clicks on it so that the properties screen will be there. Here you will find the option of printer management where you need to click on the display printer properties option.
  • Once you are at display printer properties option, you need to go to General Tab where the option of the print test is provided. Just click on it and see if the print goes successfully. If the print out is there, it means that the printer is ready to use now.
  • Now as per the settings from the test page one can adjust the settings for other printing jobs from the printer settings option only.

With the help of these steps, you can easily set the printer on Windows 8 and carry out the printing tasks as and when required.

In case these steps cannot help to have the printer ready to use, just call an expert as there can be some technical problem for the same.